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A2 Desi Cow Bilona Ghee 1 Liter

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  • 100 % natural
  • No added chemicals
  • Fssai approved
  • Lab-tested
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Kasutam Ghee is made using ancient and authentic Vedic methods of "Bilona Churning" which is also popularly known as the curd practice.

What is A2 Milk?

A2 milk is basically milk extracted from Desi Cow. Desi Cow’s milk contains nutrients.

Why is A2 cow ghee preferred over A1 ghee?

Kasutam A2 Cow Ghee, is produced by extracting milk from the high quality breed of desi cow which is also well-known for producing the high quality nutritious A2 desi milk. As compared to regular milk, A2 milk encompasses solely A2 proteins which is healthier and safer than A1 protein. It is closer to the mother's milk, and suitable for human body consumption and digestion.

Our Rathi cow

Rathi is a well known cow breed in India. It originated in the Indian state of Rajasthan including Bikaner, Ganganagar and Hanumangarh districts. Rathi Cow is characterized by its brown colour and white or black spots.

A2 Desi Cow Ghee

Kasutam Ghee is made using ancient and authentic Vedic methods of "Bilona Churning" which is also popularly known as the curd practice.

● The organic A2 Desi cow milk is boiled on low flame in earthen pots over a Traditional Chulha which gives a pure golden colour and nice aroma to it.

● After this, the pure A2 milk is left for cooling down.

● Then after cooling down, a teaspoon of curd is added to this milk. This Milk is for overnight fermentation.

● On the very next day, the curd is hand-churned clockwise as well as anti-clockwise for nearly one and a half hours.

● The Makkhan (Desi Cow milk butter), then is separated from the buttermilk. And is boiled at low flame until the remaining buttermilk evaporates leaving behind our Golden Pure Organic Ghee.

Why Kasutam A2 Desi Cow Ghee?

● The Indian term ghee is coined from the Sanskrit language ghrit, which generally connote sprinkle and in Southern parts of India it is extensively well known as Neyyi. Ghee inhabits an indispensable position be it in Vedic rituals, weddings, All religious customs and diverse cuisines across India, Middle East and South East Asian countries.

● Ayurveda also explains Desi Cow Ghee as the product of butter without any degradation in it.

● Desi Ghee In Traditional Texts: The Ancient Hindu Vedic text Yajur veda also mentions Desi Cow Ghee which is made from distilled cow’s milk as a sanctified ingredient, a must-have in all Indian homes, yagnas and is offered to agni (fire) and various deities, during rituals and customary practices.

● Vedic process of making Ghee is the foremost method of preparing Ghee. In Vedic Culture, five Steps are involved for making A2 Cow Ghee. Proudly, all these methods are followed by Kasutam. In Today’s modern times, where all other brands are using high-tech Machines and techniques for making Ghee at a fast pace to produce more and more Ghee in no or less time. Kasutam is still following its Traditional methods like heating A2 cow milk at low flame in earthen pots on traditional earthen Chulha (oven) and produces hand-churned makkhan and separates it from buttermilk with purity and love.

● Our motto is to provide our customers Best Organic A2 cow Ghee with purity and love while still being attached to our Vedic roots. We consider our customers as our own family and always strive to provide them with High Quality A2 organic Ghee.

● Our A2 organic Ghee is Gluten-free, rich-in iron, high quality nutrients, it also Contains anti-inflammatory properties.

● Kasutam A2 organic Ghee improves digestion, prevents constipation, moisturizes the skin, and strengthens the bones. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and is widely used in herbal preparations. ● Our Kasutam A2 Desi Ghee is Rich in taste, delicious and lustrous with an aromatic nutty flavour and buttery consistency, our desi cow ghee is a real delight. We have an uncompromising adherence to high quality of our A2 desi ghee in addition to the great attention to detail – the outcome is distinctive and pure desi cow ghee. We have consolidated innumerable uncompromising accuracy protocols to ensure high quality.

● Kasutam is the second name for purity and love.

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Write a review

Rilesh on 16-Jul-2024

As a third time purchaser, Mr.Bhavesh Kumar and team thank you for bring this ghee products at the purest form to our homes. May God bless you and please do follow the vedic/traditional methods and bring more value added products on the tables of millions.

Kamal Pande on 16-Jul-2024

The A2 ghee is very good. Has nice Aroma of a pure desi cow ghee. Very happy with quality.

Subhas Pal on 03-Jul-2024

Very Good

Shiulee Banerjee on 22-Jun-2024

Quality of the ghee is superb. After trying many brands I could really find a genuine brand.

Shweta Namdeo on 13-Jun-2024

Prdct price is comparatively vry high.. People in local dairy r selling homemade ghee much cheaper

chaya kanta mohapatra on 12-Jun-2024

price higher side

Rishi Aamir. on 12-Jun-2024

Taste is good. Aroma is witnessing purity. no chemicals.Hope you maintain and improve in future.

Rishi Aamir. on 12-Jun-2024

Taste is good. Aroma is witnessing purity. no chemicals.Hope you maintain and improve in future.

Kumar on 05-Jun-2024

Nice product with good taste and flavour

Dilip Borsaikia on 31-May-2024

It is very vary tasty.....jaaha biswas hay...logo ko tasty ka khayal koray....aur ek poribar bonay

Waniabdul on 16-May-2024

It is best Desi cow ghee. We the customers hope that kuautum will not compromise on quality.

Harun Al Rashid on 12-May-2024

Great ghee with fantastic aroma and value for money

Yash Yadav on 03-May-2024

Possibly the best quality ghee we have ever eaten.

Sidhartha Acharjya on 27-Apr-2024

Ghee is superb and original. The smell is awesome. Price, Quality, Quantity is Matching

Aarti on 11-Apr-2024

Authentic Ghee, loved the taste and aroma. Go for it. 👍

Sukumar paul on 08-Apr-2024

Nice ghee ।। Use it

shubham on 04-Apr-2024

super bhai khaya to nahi but banane ka tarika 1no hai

D BHATTACHARYA on 04-Apr-2024


Aishik Barman on 02-Apr-2024

Probably the best quality ghee we've ever consumed. We're fools to think mass market ghee is best gh

Anil on 28-Mar-2024

I order 2nd time

Zulfishroff on 22-Jan-2024

Interested in buying npl call

Ravinder on 19-Dec-2023

That's very testy Desi Ghee. I suggest your advertisement should be 10 seconds only.

AKASH SINHA on 09-Dec-2023

pure and tasty ghee. must buy

Naushad on 01-Dec-2023

It is looking good. But how will I make it sure that I purchased pure ghee?

Apurva ahuja on 22-Nov-2023

It's very tasty and perfect and delicious means the taste like original so I am happy for ghee and I will buy again.

Deepak Chavan on 15-Nov-2023

kasutam A2 cow's ghee ,its one of the best,pure,tasty , organic delicious aromic orignal cultured A2 desi cow ghee. I have used it ,I liked it very much..भावेशजी,आपका घी का ब्रँड kasutam सारी दुनिया में दौडेगा ये मेरी शुभकामनाऐं..धन्यवाद.

Samruddhi Bhardwaj on 10-Nov-2023

Very impressed by the product, big big relief now I dont have to find any other ghee related product. What is promised by Kasutam is actually delivered. I'm now regular customer of Kasutam cow ghee.

Prakash Das on 02-Nov-2023

One litre of ghee

Shahnaz Rehan Alam on 30-Oct-2023

Maine youtube pe dekh ke order Kiya Tha Ghee thoda leta aaya festival ki wajha se Lekin bilkul safely aaya ghee Aur iska smell bahot acha hai test to bahot jabardast hai muje bahot pasand aaya ye ghee thank you kasutam ☺️

Dinesh Kumar Singh on 24-Oct-2023

Matke wala send me

Prashant Balkrishna Shinde on 25-Sep-2023

Can you make less prices because its too high.....products are too good

vipin on 11-Sep-2023

I am writing this just to share my suggestion if you really wanna make difference you should sell on price similar to we usually get in our home town, village. Prices of Even 1ltr purest ghee are under 1000 Rs.

Rinki on 10-Sep-2023

I had ordered Desi Ghee and mustard oil.I appreciate the packaging which was too good.Taste of both the products are awsome.And Texture of the desi ghee is granule.Its colour is lil bit deeper than any market ghee.Its contain mild ghee smell because of fresh batch made ghee,which I personally consider good for health.I love both desi ghee and mustard oil. Thank You Kasutam.

Dharmender on 01-Sep-2023

100%शुध्द और नेचुरल प्रोडक्ट और सर्विस बहुत अच्छी है बेस्ट प्रोडक्ट ❤️❤️💯💯

Savita on 29-Aug-2023

No doubt, it's very tasty n seems pure But I want to ask why it's so much costly. Earlier also some people asked this question, but there's no reply 😞 customers must be given response 😕

Anshuman Bhadauria on 04-Jun-2023

This is the best ghee I have ever tasted. Even better than what my mom does at home. Kudos to the team.

Vani on 25-May-2023

Nice taste and aunthentic. You can order without a doubt.

Manjula Murari on 25-May-2023

I ordered Kasutam A2 Ghee after seeing a video on how it's made. The product is so fresh and truly yummy. I am lucky that I chanced upon the video. Also, the delivery was quite prompt. It's an experience I would want everyone to enjoy.

Indrajeet Pandey on 24-May-2023

Kasutam A2 Cow ghee is much batter than Patanjali Ghee. Patanjali Ghee is tasteless and smell like Charbi of animals like goat. If you are using Patanjali Ghee I request you to try kasutam ghee. You will notice big difference and you can decided which one is original Cow Ghee. Go for it.

Neeraj on 22-May-2023

Ghee is pure and tasty 😋 I like it.

Nikhil Nirmal on 21-May-2023

Best ghee in market. Pure bilona method

Kadir on 10-May-2023

Good ghee but i dont luke the price which is too high than cost.

Dr Shikha on 07-Apr-2023

Awesome, delicious , ghee is so good & real taste, healthy fr health thanks fr providing such natural things

P U N E E T B H A T I on 21-Mar-2023

Original term of ghrit /ghee is kasutam ghee. Market ghee is all mixed with adulteration to make money , but kasutam ghee is real and pure ,and Best for health. GO FOR IT and see the difference.

Krishan Kumar on 11-Mar-2023

Excellent 100 % original ghee

Dhiraj on 28-Feb-2023

This ghee is so good and real by taste

Vijay verma on 27-Jan-2023

100% देशी गाय का देशी घी , इस घी की खुशबू लाजबाव है एकदम घर में बने घी जैसा ।

Rajesh keni on 25-Jan-2023

It is realy very tasty and healthy,good energenetient and auntatic,longlasting

Rumii rumaan on 02-Dec-2022

Nice smell,texture and pure quality ghee thanks for this amazing product.Much Love❤from jammu and Kashmir

Krishna on 02-Nov-2022

Excellent taste!!! Golden coloured, grainy, delicately flavoured!!! A treat to the taste buds!!! Free-range grazing, hand-milked, hand-churned. Cows living in pollution free environment. Thanks Bhavesh Bhai!!! Have just placed my next order.

Devraj Mishra on 25-Oct-2022

I purchased your Desi Cow Ghee. I can say it is the best. Texture is grainy. Colour is yellow and smell is like a pure ghee. After eating the ghee in various food preparation, I felt very light and yet got all the essential nutrients. Compared to other Oils it feels less oily and hence it should be essential part of food for anybody on fat loss. No oils, no other animal ghee can ever be compared to A2 Pure Kasutam Cow Ghee in terms of taste, texture, nutrients, quality of light fat and smell. Excellent product.

Sujal Sharma on 09-Oct-2022

Very nice product😊💪💪 Thanks

Abdul Hai Wani on 22-Sep-2022

I also purchased your ghee and oil but what your cows eat, because the effect of food is directly involved in the quality of ghee.

Shresth Vishwakarma on 18-Sep-2022

Bahi Review 5/5 bahi Vlogs Jalde Dal lo Please Tumhare Vlog ke Bena Mera Din Aacha nahi ja Raha Please Volg dal lo 😢 🙏

Tarun on 08-Sep-2022

nice ghee , i loved it taste and real aroma

Avinash Singh on 23-Aug-2022

Excellent ghee , Thanks to provide natural and pure ghee.

Nabin Dutta on 19-Aug-2022

A most Genuine, Purest and Reliable A2 Desi Cow Ghee I have ever come across. With my cast experience, and after first placing of 1 litre Kasutam A2 Bilona Desi cow ghee and tasting it I recommend this product to anybody who is interested.

Chinu on 25-Jul-2022

One of the purest ghee and smells good

Sadhana panchal on 28-May-2022

I purchased both cow and buffalo ghee pure and value for money thanks

Mamata chandani on 02-Mar-2022

a month ago I ordered ghee for the first time and I am very happy with the product. The ghee has a nutty rich taste and you can literally taste the pure flavor of milk boiled in mitti ka bartan. If you are looking for original ghee with health benefits this one is sure to try. Their minute attention to details while preparing the ghee is commendable. Check their YouTube video. They boil the milk in a mud vessel and put a small iron spoon to increase the health quotient. It's no less than golden syrup. Big thanks to such local business for helping us get back to our traditional roots and reap health benefits.

Pawan Sharma on 12-Feb-2022

It's a great job by providing by kasutam and team in providing best ghee in market

Bipin makwana on 19-Oct-2021

Bohot hi msttt🤤🤤🤤

Silvia on 09-Oct-2021

One of the best A2 Desi Cow Ghee in the market. The smell and aroma is great. Authentic traditional product.

mangilal on 11-Mar-2021

nyc product dear Bhavesh keep it up😘😘

Binod Ghosh on 02-Mar-2021

Ghee is pure and genuine. This desi ghee is medicine for healthy life. Thanks" Kasutam ".

Pankaj Gupta on 27-Feb-2021

I liked the cow Ghee very much. This bilona ghee is very good to digest. I wiil recommend people to make a revolution and add this ghee to yor daily diet. Thanks to the team who is trying to prepare such pure thing so that we can stay healthy

Priyanka Godambe on 27-Feb-2021

Ghee tastes very good and is pure and genuine..